Southern or southern bound Rangers, harken!

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Southern or southern bound Rangers, harken!

Post by Ringulf »

I have plans for starting a Ranger group from the one that I have seeded within the SCA here in Central Florida. I would like to expand the group's focus to include our Southern Rangers. We already do Archery, Thrown Weapons and Heavy Fighting (we could explore Hema training if we had an instructor in the area) so to expand into Ranger skills would be an easy step for us.We have a great facility to do anything we want from weapons practice to Horsemanship to primitive camping. We can even hunt the land if done with regard to the laws of the land. (turkey, quail, hog, and deer have been seen on the property) please give me a shout if you are interested and we may be able to put together a gathering down here. And just to let you know, the invitation is always open to Rangers who may be coming down to Florida for vacation, to come to us (we are less than an hour from the major attractions) where we can spend time doing any or all of the above, age not an issue. family fun.
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Re: Southern or southern bound Rangers, harken!

Post by Erfaron »

Hello! I just joined the ranks and live in central florida, very interested in someone to help me learn the ropes, if you are still looking to connect with other “southern ithiliens”
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