Fog on the Barrow Downs

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Fog on the Barrow Downs

Post by Eofor »

I'm not quite sure how I missed this one but it is REALLY nice. I hope that the project is able to find it's feet again after COVID.

I apologise for the Facebook link but the 2020 trailer isn't available on youtube. ... 5206947224
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Re: Fog on the Barrow Downs

Post by Ghostsoldier »

This looks promising! :P

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Re: Fog on the Barrow Downs

Post by Elleth »

Well that does look interesting!

... I love the tip of the hat to the Havamal at the end. :mrgreen:
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Re: Fog on the Barrow Downs

Post by Cimrandir »

I love Patrick Robinson's work! He occasionally photoshops big budget media costumes to properly reflect historical accuracy and it's fun to see how easily some of the costumes could be changed and made right. His love of the time period really shines through in this trailer! Grounded in reality but with the flair of Tolkien's fantasy. I'm very much excited to see the final product!
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Re: Fog on the Barrow Downs

Post by Hanasian »

This does look pretty awesome.
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