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New Tunic

Post by Shadrack »

So after about three weeks on/off of sewing I've finally finished a nice new linen under-tunic for my kit. The whole thing is hand stitched and I managed to source a slightly heavier weighted fabric than what I used on my last one so it should be able to withstand a bit more abuse. I also finally managed to achieve an appropriately sized neckline so I no longer have a gaping hole hanging around my shoulders. I really spent a lot of time properly finishing off all of the seams and added a little reinforcement tab on the neck and it was sooo worth it. The whole thing just really feels like a proper garment that somebody could wear day in day out. I want to experiment with some natural dying at some point but I haven't been able to source the materials for such an endeavor yet. I'm thinking that a light brown would look quite nice under my dark green over-tunic. Anyway here are some photos!
tunic1.jpg (250.54 KiB) Viewed 651 times
tunic2.jpg (240.48 KiB) Viewed 651 times
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Re: New Tunic

Post by Iodo »

Nice work :mrgreen:
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Re: New Tunic

Post by Greg »

Looks great!
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Re: New Tunic

Post by Elleth »

That is some very fine handwork - well done! :mrgreen:

Good luck with the dye!
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Re: New Tunic

Post by Manveruon »

Oh yeeeaaah that’s nice. Well done! Looks beautifully finished and super practical! I’d be very interested to see what you do with trying to give it a light-brown coloration, if you decide to go that route. I’ve had garbage luck trying to get that color on linen, but I admit that I’ve only ever used modern dyes, so maybe a more period approach will lend better results! I feel like I’ve seen Elleth or Udwin do something like that here in the past, but I can’t recall immediately offhand.
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Re: New Tunic

Post by Ghostsoldier »

Great work, Ranger! :P

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Re: New Tunic

Post by Udwin »

That's some nice looking sewing...great commoner style! While linen isn't the greatest at taking color, I've had decent results getting a gray-brown 'butternut' color using English & Black Walnut hulls.
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Re: New Tunic

Post by Taylor Steiner »

Great job!
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