Spring 2018 now available!

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Spring 2018 now available!

Post by Udwin »

The members of the Middle-earth Reenactment Society are proud to announce the release of the latest (Gondor-centric!) issue of their quarterly publication, Edge of the Wild, now available for your reading pleasure HERE. This edition was a bit of a challenge, as none of us 'do' a Gondorian persona, but it was still great fun to put together.

As always, you can reach us at middleearthreenactmentsociety@gmail.com to receive future newsletters mailed directly to your inbox.

Thanks for reading, feel free to share widely, and enjoy!
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Re: Spring 2018 now available!

Post by Peter Remling »

Excellent issue that brings a good deal of questions to mind.

First on the subject on Lampwright Street, we can assume that not only would lamps and oils be available here but it stands to reason candle shops would also be located here. Lamp oil has been made from mammal fat, fish oil and more recently whale oil. Whale oil would be the most likely way of filling the needs of an entire city . This brings to mind that not only would there be a military/navel presence but commercial fleets of fishing and whaling vessels.

Whale blubber candles were prized for their bright burning and no smell. Another reason to suspect a whaling industry. I'm sure there would be beeswax candles but I doubt could be produced in enough quantity for the needs of a city and tallow candles smell bad for the close confines of a city. Tallow would be used in outlaying communities where the populace is self sufficient .

The question of inns calls to mind that much of the outlying populace would flee to the city during times of strife so where would all these additional folks be put up?

Next topic embalming: how was it done? Early embalmers would inject arsenic into the subjects but this caused contaminated ground water. I think in a city like Gondor it would be discontinued soon due to the noticeable contamination unless it was done on the lowest level on the city and was fed out of the city through a sewer system.
Another early method was to kind of pickle the body in brandy. If the body was placed in a glass tank with brandy, it could be viewed for a goodly period before being buried.

Love the scabbard tutorial
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Re: Spring 2018 now available!

Post by Harper »

Another fine edition.

Thank you for posting.

Since a boarding axe was featured, an anybody recall citations regarding the type of swords used shipboard by the Gondorian navy?
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Re: Spring 2018 now available!

Post by Iodo »

Brilliant read, thankyou!
Really want that axe :lol:
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Re: Spring 2018 now available!

Post by Elleth »


... I really like the "birds eye view" of the War of the Ring - so many untold stories!
Thank you for pulling all those disparate references together!
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