Where to Trek

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Where to Trek

Post by Greg »

There are a number of things to be considered before trekking in the woods as we discuss here. This list should help you research your areas more effectively, ensuring that you havsn't forgotten any important details.

1) Is the area you are entering heavily regulated? Are dispersed fires and off-trail, non-established campsites legal? Is firewood collecting allowed?

2) Will you have water available to you? Will you need to purify it?

3) Is any wild game you plan to pursue actively in its legal hunting or fishing season? Are you licensed to pursue said quarry, and do you have a way to carry your necessary licenses? Do your primitive broadheads fit your state standards for size, shape, and material? Check here

4) Can you get in trouble for carrying weapons in your chosen area? Are there statewide restrictions on the open or concealed carrying of bladed weapons that your current kit may infringe upon or outright break? Check here

5) Is there a map available for your chosen area? Get one.

6) Lastly...are you having trouble finding an area that won't be over-crowded like a state park? Start here!

Disclaimer: Any or all of the websites linked above may have out-of-date information. Be sure that these pages, which are here to serve as a guide, reflect current regulations.
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Re: Where to Trek

Post by Peter Remling »

nice - should be a sticky

There is a least one discrepancy that can be noted.

New York State does not prohibit the ownership of swords. This is listed in the text of the link when you review "Article 265 Penal Law". The prohibition is on carrying on sword canes as they are concealable blades above the normal blade restricted lengths. Blade length restrictions can vary by city but the state maximum for EDC (Every Day Carry) is 4".

With regards to any and all states, Local LEOs thoughts on blades vary with the individual officer so be careful and smart when in the field with blades. Read your individual laws carefully and my advise would be to take a copy of your Penal Code with you if you don't know the areas or officers well.
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Re: Where to Trek

Post by Kortoso »

I had done some related research on this a while back.
Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in the USA, often under the rubric of National Forests, allows knives and axes (apparently required for camping) but not swords.
Obviously if you're carrying a bow, you may be suspected on hunting, so it may be smart to acquire and carry a small game license.
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