Interesting Leather Stamps

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Interesting Leather Stamps

Post by Manveruon »

I was scrolling facebook just now when I happened upon an ad for some new leather stamps being sold through the Springfield Leather Company, and they caught my eye because I felt they had a vaguely Tolkien-esque/Numenorean-esque aesthetic. Thought I would share them here for anyone who might be interested.

First we have a couple star shapes: ... -Geometric ... Star-Check

And then some general geometric and/or naturalistic shapes that include various arcs and circles, which I thought felt very in keeping with Numenorean design motifs, even if not an exact replication of any in particular: ... -Geometric ... 464-Border ... heat-Spica ... -Geometric ... -390-Scale ... 22-Dogwood
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Re: Interesting Leather Stamps

Post by theowl »

I got a few of those when they came out and they're really nice. I haven't gotten a chance to do anything with them yet, but some day...
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Re: Interesting Leather Stamps

Post by Cimrandir »

Ooh, those look cool! I don't do much stamping but I might pick up a few of those myself!
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Re: Interesting Leather Stamps

Post by Ghostsoldier »

Yeah, those look pretty versatile....I'll probably pick up a few for my collection, too. :P

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