On leatherworking?

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Re: On leatherworking?

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cool, thanks for the info :P
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Re: On leatherworking?

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ForgeCorvus wrote: Sun Jan 09, 2022 6:25 pm A Rod (Pole or Perch ) is 20 Natural Feet or 15 Saxon feet..... 16 1/2 Imperial
Ha! I am glad to see someone still measures in perches!
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Re: On leatherworking?

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To the O.P.: Just like any hobby, Leather working can be very expensive. Start small and see if you like it before investing a ton of money. Many tools can improvised from things you already have. A single punch chisel can be made from a finishing nail. Want a four prong chisel ? try cut down and sharpening a common steel fork.

Clothes pins make decent clamps when waiting for leather cement to set. Don't have a wood mallet to punch holes ? Take a piece of garment weight leather and wrap it over a regular hammer head. Replace it as it wears out.

As far as a sword scabbard goes here's an inexpensive solution for one that will look good and is highly customizable (you will have to adjust for the thickness of the blade but other than that it will work: http://www.middleearthrangers.org/forum ... 2f66922f3f

The pictures are no longer viable but the information is good. I've done over a hundred scabbards this way in the past 35 years for all types of swords, daggers and knives. Straight curved even recurved. Feel free to ask questions if needed
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