Anyone know a norse-ish bone carver?

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Anyone know a norse-ish bone carver?

Post by Elleth »

There's a piece of a project I'd like done, and just don't have the time to ramp up on a whole new skillset at the moment.

I'm looking for someone who can do a piece from caribou or moose bone, about 3" x .75", probably fairly simple.

Artistically, I love the styles I see at and - but neither are presently taking commissions from what I can tell.
(Though I've asked Mr. DelaGardelle from Cedarlore if it's a small enough project that he can squeeze me in - here's hoping!)

If that fails - anyone know a guy?
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Re: Anyone know a norse-ish bone carver?

Post by Greg »

I may. Shoot my buddy Kyle Pearson, owner/operator over at DK woodworks a message and see what he can do for you. Send a few links with examples, if you can. Guy can replicate anything, does everything by hand, and always has a large quantity of various animal parts lying around.
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