So, I got a log...

A lot of reenactment level work is about learning appropriate historical crafts and skills. This board is for all general skills that don't have their own forum.

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Re: So, I got a log...

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Do you have a hand drill or auger? Great for drilling a bunch of holes close together and then chipping out the rest. I've never done anything as large as a canoe, but it works well for cups, bowls, boxes, etc. Burning out as Eofor suggested is also a very traditional method. Multiple, low, controlled burns. You could even turn it into a barbeque event. haha!
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Re: So, I got a log...

Post by Greg »

Eofor wrote: Tue Oct 04, 2022 3:26 am Have you considered burning it out Greg?
Unfortunately, there are portions that have to be, essentially, "undercut" for this particular design, and so flames would too easily burn parts of the boat that I need to remain intact. Definitely already thought that one through thoroughly.
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