Matuls wool "medieval bushcraft" tarp

Hard Kit is all other accoutrements that are not clothing, weapons or armour. This includes pots and tents, and flint & steel, and other things like that.

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Re: Matuls wool "medieval bushcraft" tarp

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Greg wrote: Wed Mar 08, 2023 3:41 am Does it seem to bead moisture, or soak it up? I'd be terrified of its "wet" weight.
Most wool fabrics are Fulled, this tightens the weave and raises the Nap. The nap on fabrics like Tweed and Loden is left quite long and forms a 'slicking' layer that water tends to run off rather then soak through (double-coated animal fur does the same thing). Its very hard to get a well fulled woolen fabric totally soaking wet, even a quick dunk is unlikely to do it.

During the Peninsular war (1807-1814) soldiers used blankets as tents, and had to wring them out in order to pack them into their knapsacks (backpacks in modern)...... They were a lot lighter 'once all the water fell free'

Nerd-fact for you. In the British army during the post WWII National Service days, one of the punishments available to NCO's was to make the recruit hold a soaking wet issue blanket at arms length for a few minutes (thats five to seven pounds of blanket plus over a gallon of water....... So the thick end of twenty pounds)
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Re: Matuls wool "medieval bushcraft" tarp

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That looks really good, and that's a reasonable price. A very helpful review.
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Re: Matuls wool "medieval bushcraft" tarp

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I badger you to post and then go AWOL for weeks! Thanks for doing it though, the quality of the cloth isn't a deal breaker but nor is it enough to upgrade from my linen (which sheds as well as wool)

I do look forward to the water tests though.
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