Imgur to remove old content ... and nsfw photos.

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Imgur to remove old content ... and nsfw photos.

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Just like myself and others have worried about, Imgur may be taking down some old photos much like Photobucket of days long ago. The news is mostly focused on the removal of porn but there is a bit about removing old content not associated with an account. I don't know how many of our photos here were hosted without an account (I made sure the photos I have were tied to an account) but I would double check and save anything you might want before May 15th. ... of-service
In a blog post published this week, the company says it has a new terms of service coming into effect on May 15th and that, as a result, it’ll be removing “nudity, pornography, & sexually explicit content” from its platform as well as “old, unused, and inactive content that is not tied to a user account.”

“You will need to download/save any images that you wish to save if they no longer adhere to these Terms,” Imgur wrote in its blog post. “Most notably, this would include explicit/pornographic content.”

The blog post doesn’t offer much detail about how Imgur is defining “old, unused, and inactive content.” Depending on the definition, this could cover a huge portion of non-pornographic imagery uploaded to the service over the years and whose removal could have a massive impact on forums and other online communities that have linked to and embedded it. We’ve reached out to Imgur for clarification on this point, but a spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
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Re: Imgur to remove old content ... and nsfw photos.

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all my images are hosted from an account that is still active so I guess I should be safe, but if imgur start taking stuff down we could be in for the photobucket problem all over again,
not good :evil:
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