Summer 2023 now available! has graciously provided this space for the Middle Earth Reenactment Society for purposes of archiving/presenting their newsletter, and to keep our community informed on Society-specific happenings.

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Summer 2023 now available!

Post by Udwin »

The members of the MERS are proud to announce the latest issue of Edge of the Wild is now available!

Check it out by direct PDF download HERE, or browse this and past issues on the Newsletters section of our website. Please share freely among your circles, consider joining our subscription mailing list, and give us a like on Facebook and Instagram.

For those interested in joining the Society at any tier, please see the link on the last page for our snazzy new Membership Application form!
We are always open to feedback and suggestions. What would you like to see covered in future editions? We'd love to put together a 'Questions about Middle-earth you've always had but were too afraid to ask' section one day!

Happy reading!
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Re: Summer 2023 now available!

Post by Manveruon »

Oooooh! Snazzy new membership form, you say? :lol:
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Re: Summer 2023 now available!

Post by Harper »

Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Summer 2023 now available!

Post by Cimrandir »

Excellent work all the way round folks! I really enjoyed this one.
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Re: Summer 2023 now available!

Post by Greg »

Manveruon wrote: Fri May 12, 2023 6:09 pm Oooooh! Snazzy new membership form, you say? :lol:
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